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Find Your Passion

This is a well-known mantra that I have heard and stated many times throughout my life. Although it might be argued from a business point of view, that this mantra may not make you rich, I do however believe that it makes you feel a better person, as it lowers your stress and gives you a sense of meaning and accomplishment. This occurs, because passion is really a ‘state of mind’ where you have a strong desire do something that you really enjoy.

As I now have plenty of time on my hands, I hope to now start indulging in those aspects of my life that I am passionate about. You need to make time for those things that you enjoy, find relaxing and most importantly, you have fun doing. These include:

  • spending time with my family,

  • enjoying life to its fullest,

  • challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone,

  • finding the best way to manage my diagnosis and sharing it with others,

  • walking my dogs,

  • travelling overseas,

  • appreciating red wine and whiskey,

  • volunteering as a surf lifesaver,

  • coaching competitors in an event known as Champion Lifesaver, and

  • competing in Master's Swimming and Surf Lifesaving.