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After being diagnosed with Younger Onset Alzheimer's Disease in July 2019, I found one of the best ways of coming to grips with the limitations imposed on me, was the become an advocate. By this I mean there is a real sense of fulfilment in well establishing myself as a person who is focused on creating a better life and sharing my experiences, providing help, guidance and support to others who are living with dementia. As time has passed, I am finding new ways of becoming a better advocate.

Firstly, I joined Dementia Alliance International as a member in February 2020, and appointed a director in December 2021.

Secondly, I joined the Advisory Program that is run by Dementia Australia, where I have been involved in:

  • reviewing applications for dementia research

  • surveys and the development of position statements

  • focus groups for resource and in-service development 

Thirdly, I became a member of the co-design group that was involved in setting up the Forward With Dementia website.

Throughout this time, I have also had numerous media opportunities, and been involved in initiatives that aim to raise public awareness of dementia in the local community. You can explore these in more detail below:

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