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Volunteer Surf Lifesaver

After being involved in a novel clinical trial for nearly 12 months, an opportunity arose where I felt confident enough to consider returning as a volunteer surf lifesaver at South Curl Curl SLSC. In order to achieve this goal, I needed to complete an in depth training course, that not only required me to complete a theory and practical component, but also a proficiency test where I had to run 100 metres, then swim 200 metres through surf.


The 100-metre run across the sand is a technical challenge: sand provides significant resistance and requires increased stamina 



The first lap of the 200-metre swim requires me to swim through the surf - which is disorientating and challenges my spatial awareness. It is equally as challenging for the brain as it is for the body.



The second lap is a test of endurance. The energy expended in the run and the first lap doesn't leave much left in the tank.


South Curl Curl Beach, NSW, Australia

Having now completed all the components of this in-depth training course, I returned as a volunteer lifesaver at South Curl Curl SLSC in December 2020.

Under the guidance of Patrol Captain, Paul Torrington, I joined the rest of my mates in Patrol G.

Patrol 2021.JPG

From left to right

Back Row: Dave Hall, David Marshall, Adrian Florence, Bill Yeates, Paul Brittan, Paul Torrington, Simon Rorke, Anthony King, and Darren Ingram

Front Row: Mic Harrold and John Diggin

Masters Surf Lifesaving

Besides continuing my role as a volunteer surf lifesaver each year, I also compete in Masters Surf Lifesaving competitions in two areas: board paddling (Board Race), and Pool Rescue. In 2024, I hope to start competing in the swimming events (Surf Race and the Tube Rescue event)

Timeline - Masters Surf Lifesaving

In December of 2020, I decided to return as a volunteer Surf Lifesaver at South Curl Curl Surf Lifesaving Club (SLSC)


Competed in Northern Beaches Master's Surf Lifesaving Carnival and came last in my Board Race heat

Competed at Sunshine Coast in Australian Master's Surf Lifesaving Carnival and came 2nd last in my Board Race


Competed in the Board Race at the Australian Master's Championships, placing 9th in the semifinal (17th in Australia)

Competed in Master's NSW Pool Rescue Championships. 2nd in 100 m obstacle Race and retired injured.

Competed in World Lifesaving Pool Rescue Championships

11th in 100m obstacle course, 14th in 100m manikin tow, 14th in 100m manikin carry, and 10th in board race.

Competed in Australian Pool Rescue Championships

5th in 100m obstacle, and 5th in the 100m manikin tow.

Competed in the over 60s at the Royal Australian Pool Rescue Championships and won 4 gold medals

Planning to compete in the Australian Pool Rescue Championships

Planning to compete in the Australian Masters Games (Pool Rescue) in South Australia

Masters Swimming

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