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Challenge Yourself

Participating in Master’s Swimming and Surf Lifesaving is not only new to me, it has also allowed me to step out of the comfort zone that I had built around me. It is only when you attempt to do new things in your life that you are challenging yourself. Not only am I helping to create and strengthen new neuronal connections in my brain but I feel good about what I am attempting to achieve as I am starting to grow into that person I want to become.

Other examples of challenges that I have created for myself are as follows:


  • At the start of 2022, I challenged myself to start competing in 50 m and 100 m Butterfly events.

  • In June 2022 I travelled to London to present two posters and an oral presentation at the 2022 ADI Global Conference. This was the first conference I've ever presented at.

  • In July/August 2022 I have decided to compete in the NSW and Australian Pool Rescue Championships. These are events that I have never participated in before.

  • I am presently writing two abstracts for submission at the 2022 ADI Asia Pacific Conference in Taiwan

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