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Professional Health Care Team

Create a Professional Health Care Team that understands your physical and mental needs but can also help you monitor/respond to any behavioural changes that occur as this disease progresses. I have been extremely fortunate to have access to an amazing group, of highly competent and supportive Professional Health Care  Team, who without their expertise, guidance and advise, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

For me this includes: 

  • Dr Shasmita Hunter is my Consultant Psycho-Geriatrician – from the time Dr Hunter diagnosed my Alzheimer’s Disease, she has been extremely supportive, encouraging me and offering me advice on how best to manage my disease, particularly in the development of my ‘Tree of Awakening your Positivity’.

  • Ashley Young is my Clinical Psychologist, who besides being absolutely inspiring, constantly challenging me and she gives me the motivation and direction to continue my fight for a better future.

  • Dr Nicholas Bernard is my General Practitioner, who has looked after me for nearly 20 years. As a past parent from my time at St Augustine’s College, we have become very good friends and I am very lucky to have such a dedicated doctor to look after my health and well-being.

  • Mona Vale Compounding Pharmacy. As family friends and past university colleagues, I have known Ralph, Len and Sam Papandrea for over forty years. They have been instrumental in my battle with Major Depression and Alzheimer’s Disease, spending countless hours with me discussing and offering their advice/opinions on how best to manage my illness. Luckily for me, I have been able to repay part of an enormous debt that I owe these men, by helping their children and relatives (Jordan, Matthew, Joshua, Andrew) in HSC Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Their children - Amy, Jordan and Matthew are now involved in running different aspects of their family business.

  • Empower Physiology – Exercise Physiologists (Matthew Donovan and Luke Stait) have been outstanding in the way they have helped me manage my Alzheimer's Disease on a daily basis. More recently, I asked them to design a neuro-cognitive training program to address the issues of balance, coordination and reflex actions that I was experiencing while competing in Master's Swimming and Surf Lifesaving. This program has been instrumental in allowing me to compete on a state, national, and international level

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