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According to Wee Ping Wong (2017), mindfulness, ‘involves the teaching of a series of attentional and emotional skills that enable you, in a non-judgementally manner, to deeply experience and enjoy the present moment’. According to Wong there are both formal and informal mindfulness practices. In formal practices, ‘attention is paid to breathing, bodily sensations, arising feelings, thoughts and pleasant/unpleasant events’ while informal practices involve ‘extending such attentiveness and awareness to everyday activities such as mindful eating and walking, and doing mental exercises such as reading and solving puzzles’.


From my perspective, I find that by practising mindfulness on a regular basis, has provided me with several benefits, such as reducing my stress, improving my mood and overall well-being. This in turn has caused my quality of life to improve, as I am now feeling that I am able to manage and cope better with the demands of daily life.

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