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Socialise with People

Being socially engaged is a very important aspect of human nature. Not only does it provide mental and intellectual stimulation, it also allows you to connect with people who care about you and it makes you feel heard. Studies have shown that cognitive decline is associated with poor social relations such as those experienced with loneliness and isolation. According to Hackell (2019), a decline in social engagement, is associated with a range of adverse neurobiological changes such as ‘faster cognitive deterioration, changes in memory, identity and mood’ . Whereas, Fratiglioni (2004) has found that being able to social with people, increases your cognitive neuroplasticity, mental resilience and reduces psychological stress.


It’s important to always try to connect and interact with people on a social level as it opens our minds to new ideas and introduces us to alternative ways of living. The worst thing you can do is bottle up your emotions and isolate yourself from the world. This is why, I became involved in the ‘Hello Initiative’ as I wanted to break down the feelings of isolation and loneliness that I was experiencing, by regularly engaging with people.

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