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Reward Yourself

To keep myself motivated and on task, I always take time to reward myself as a way of recognising a particular milestone that I have reached or a goal that I have achieved. This usually involves treating myself to something that I have either removed or restricted from my lifestyle. 

For example:

  • Recently, I presented two posters and an oral presentation at the 2022 ADI Global Conference in London. As a reward, I brought myself a Duty Free bottle of Scotch Whisky.

  • On 22 June 2022, I reached 800 consecutive days on my Perx App by following my program. As a result I treated myself to a glass of red wine.

  • On 27 June 2022, I went for my first Winter Swim in Freshwater Rockpool. I treated myself to a piece of Toblerone chocolate.

  • In April 2022, I completed my first 100-metre butterfly event at the Australian Master's Games. I treated myself to a packet of Pringles chips. 

  • In April 2022, I finished 17th in the board race at the Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships. I treated myself to a packet of Twisties.

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