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Listen to Music

Music can have a range of positive effects on your mental health, as it stimulates the formation of dopamine, which is part of your brain’s pleasure-reward system. This occurs because the broad areas of the brain that are linked to your musical memory are relatively unaffected as this disease progresses. (Cuddy et., 2012 and Jacobsen et al., 2015). It is for this reason, many studies have found that, music, whether you are listening to it, singing along or playing an instrument, can improve your mood by reducing stress levels, agitation and anxiety, provide inspiration, incite warm feelings, soothe and delight people in all stages of dementia.


Every day, I try to listen to as much music as I can. If I’m driving, I will always switch the car radio to Nova as I find listening to the ‘Fitzy and Wippa’ in the morning and afternoon is very entertaining. Their down-to-earth attitude to life, mixed with a great array of music, provides a real positive influence on my mood. When I’m at home doing some research on my computer, I find listening to music in the background a powerful motivator and allows me to move into a better place.

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