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Keep a Journal

Keeping a Meaningful Journal can result in a lot of positive outcomes, such as improvements in your physical health (reduce stress, strengthen your immunity), mental health (increase memory capacity and comprehension, strengthen emotional function) and your overall quality of life. It helps you clarify your thoughts and ideas, as you are transferring them from your mind onto paper. It also enables you to make important connections between your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Basically, it’s an effective means of coming to understand who you are.


According, to Grothaus (2015) when the left side of your brain (the analytical, rational side) is engaged, the right side of your brain (the creative, touchy side) is now free to wander and create. As a result, Robinson (2017) believes that journaling allows us to put everything in perspective, as it:


  • makes us more aware of the things that are impacting on our lives

  • helps us to detect negative feelings and thoughts

  • allows us to take more control of our lives

  • and more importantly, helps us shift from a negative mindset to a more positive one

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