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Enjoy Nature

Studies have shown that spending time in the outdoors with nature has a positive impact on your mental health, increasing emotional well-being and resilience. This includes activities such as walking barefoot on the beach, swimming in the surf, watching the waves crash on the rocks, walking through the bushland, listening to the sound of birds and smelling the flowers.

Especially during summer, I regularly spend a lot of time between North Curl Curl, South Curl Curl and Freshwater beaches. This involves either walking along the beach, swimming in the rock pools and surf or just sitting on the sand, enjoying the sun, talking with friends, and having a coffee at the local cafe. As a newly built promenade now connects the headlands of each of these beaches, it is a great way to step back and appreciate the uniqueness of nature, especially early in the morning and late in the afternoon when the sun starts to set.

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