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Create your own tree of positivity*

*currently under development

Creating your own Tree of Positivity

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As the needs, circumstances, limitations, and abilities are different for every person who has been diagnosed
with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, it is essential that each person takes ownership of what type of input they want stated on their ‘Leaves of Positivity’.

To help in this process, below I have compiled an extensive list of possibilities that you might like to
consider when selecting your Leaves of Positivity for each of the Four branches. 

M1 Accept your diagnosis

M2 Art/drawing

M3 Be creative

M4 Brain exercises

M5 Card games

M6 Challenge yourself

M7 Change your environment

M8 Cooking meals

M9 Daily routine

M10 Enjoy your past

M11 Face your fears

M12 Food preparation

M13 It is what it is

M14 Join a support network

M15 Learn about your diagnosis

M16 Learn new skills

M17 Limit multi-tasking

M18 Listen to music

M19 Listen to podcasts

M20 Look for a silver lining

M21 Meditation daily

M22 Mental foraging

M23 Only focus on one thing

M24 Neuro-cognitive exercises

M25 Playing 3 D games

M26 Playing the harmonica

M27 Practice mindfulness

M28 Practice yoga

M29 Puzzles

M30 Reach out to others

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Untitled_Artwork 18.png
Untitled_Artwork 19.png
Untitled_Artwork 20.png
Untitled_Artwork 21.png

B1 Cold water plunge
B2 Cycling
B3 Dancing
B4 Dental hygiene
B5 Gut health
B6 Gym program
B7 Healthy diet
B8 Healthy smoothie
B9 Hiking
B10 Hydrate yourself
B11 Keep active
B12 Limited alcohol
B13 Limited preservatives
B14 Limited takeaways
B15 Limited processed food


B16 Listen to your body
B17 Massage therapy
B18 MCT Coconut oil
B19 Medical check-ups
B20 Nature walking
B21 Personal hygiene
B22 Quality sleep
B23 Reduce neuro-inflammation
B24 Reduce stress
B25 Regular fasting
B26 Regular stretching
B27 Self-care
B28 Self-reflection
B29 Swimming
B30 Supplements

B31 Walking 

B32 Weight Control

B33 Winter Rockpool Swimming

Untitled_Artwork 5.png
Untitled_Artwork 7.png

S1 Acts of kindness

S2 Advocacy work

S3 Aroma therapy

S4 Assistive technology

S5 Be true to yourself

S6 Being grateful

S7 Build your legacy

S8 Clinical trial

S9 Community service

S10 Create your own music

S11 Deep spiritual experience

S12 Enjoy nature

S13 Enjoy afternoon walks

S14 Enjoy morning walks

S15 Enjoy the moment

S16 Enjoy the past

S17 Enjoy the sunset/sunrise

S18 Express your humanity

S19 Go somewhere new

S20 Helping others

S21 Holy spirit

S22 It’s okay to stumble

S23 Keep on keeping on (KOKO)

S24 Laugh & smile more

S25 Learn to give

S26 Let go

S27 Live in the present

S28 Look for the silver lining

S29 Just keep swimming

S30 Plan for the future

S31 Practice gratitude

S32 Remember to breathe

S33 Rediscover what’s important

S34 Saying thank-you

S35 Seek spiritual counsel

S36 Self - improvement

S37 Self - reflection

S38 Take time out

S39 Travel

S40 Use positive language

S41 Zip your lip


H1 Advocacy work
H2 Allow yourself to feel
H3 Attending sporting games
H4 Be kind to yourself
H5 Be true to yourself
H6 Care support worker
H7 Change your environment
H8 Coin collecting
H9 Enjoy the moment
H10 Ex-students
H11 Family
H12 Find your passion
H13 Fishing
H14 Friends
H15 Gardening


H16 Health care team

H17 Keep a journal

H18 Keep on Keeping on (KOKO)

H19 Pets

H20 Partner

H21 Playing golf

H22. Relatives

H23. Role models

H24 Self - compassion

H25 Speaking to friends

H26 Stamp collecting

H27 Watching sport

H28 Workmates

H29 Writing a letter

M31 Reading

M32 Reward yourself

M33 Set new goals

M34 Sharing thoughts/ideas

M35 Simplify your life

M36 Small victories

M37 Socialise with people

M38 Souvenaide

M39 Watching TV serials

M40 Webinar sessions

M41 Writing a story

M42 Writing poems

Untitled_Artwork 9.png



Untitled_Artwork 8.png
  • Provision is also made in each of the four branches for you to design your own ‘Leaves of Positivity’. However, a restriction has been placed on the number of characters that are available.


  • Given that changes have been occurring in our brains long before an official diagnosis was made, it will take a long time before any noticeable changes if any, become apparent.


  • Once designed and completed, your tree should be placed in a position where it is always visible to you.

A Word of Caution

Each of the leaves of positivity in my tree were only included after consultation with my primary carer (Nicole), friends and members of my Professional Health Care Team. I would strongly advise, that if you decide to create your own Tree of Awakening your Positivity then it is ESSENTIAL that you also do the same to ensure that you are constructing a tree that is not only achievable but is also reflective of your own circumstances, needs, requirements and stage of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease at this point in time.

Are eleven leaves enough for each aspect?

At first, I thought having 11 different ‘leaves of positivity’ for each aspect of self would be excessive and
place unnecessary demands on my time and overall well-being. However, I found that when I teased apart
the different things that I do on a daily basis, it was the complete opposite. I now need more ‘Leaves of
Positivity’ to fully capture everything that I’m doing to manage my Alzheimer’s disease.

To illustrate this point, I have teased apart a number of activities that I undergo on a daily/weekly basis.

Example One – Taking my dogs for a walk

Every morning, at around 5.30 am, I meet my care worker, Daniela, at South Curl Curl Headland, and we
walk along the beach towards North Curl Curl, and then back along the coastal walkaway that connects

South Curl beach to Freshwater Headland. I take one of daughter’s dogs (Nadia) on this walk, covering a
distance of 5,000 steps in about 80 - 90 minutes (as programmed in my Perx app). During this morning
walk, we watch the sun as it rises over the ocean, meet and say hello to many people and watch the waves as
they roll onto the beach or crash into the rock platforms. I usually arrive home just after 7 am to have
breakfast. Besides drinking plenty of water through the night, my body, after completing this morning
activity, has been fasting for over 12 hours. After I have breakfast, I then shower and get dressed for the day.
During this 2-hour activity, I have now accessed at least 12 different ‘leaves of positivity’ from the 4
branches. These include: Daily Routine, Keep Active, Reduce Stress, Enjoy nature, Acts of Kindness, Pets,
Care Support worker, Socialise with People, Regular Fasting, Hydrating, Self-reflection and Quality sleep

Example Two – Attending DAI Webinars

By being part of a weekly Dementia Alliance International webinar group, I find that it is extremely
beneficial for me to listen to the thoughts and opinion of others, share my ideas and offer comment on a
range of issues.

During this weekly 1- hour activity, I have accessed at least 11 different ‘Leaves of Positivity from each of
the 4 branches. These include: Exercise your Brain, Socialise with People, Friends, It’s okay to Stumble,
Reduce Stress, Daily Routine, Self-reflection, Advocacy work, Acts of Kindness, Personal Hygiene, Look
for the Silver Lining

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