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Neuro-Cognitive Exercises

Besides the obvious cognitive problems that are associated with this disease, there is also a decline in your motor function and ability to respond to stimuli. I initially became aware of this when I decided to return as a volunteer lifesaver at South Curl Curl SLC on the Northern Beaches of Sydney in late 2020 and more recently when I started to compete in Master’s Swimming and Surf Lifesaving. As a result of the challenges, I encountered in both of these sports, I approached Exercise Physiologists, Matt Donovan and Luke Stait, from Empower Physiology, to create what they refer to as a Neuro-Cognitive Training Program, that consists of a range of exercises that are designed to improve my balance, co-ordination and reflex actions. To date, after working with Matt and Luke for nearly 18 months, I have been able to compete locally, State and at national level in swimming and surf lifesaving. COVID permitting, I hope to compete in my first international competition at the end of the year. For me it has never been a podium finish, but rather about being able to live a life that I have chosen, within the limits of my disease.

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